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Troika is separated into multiple NPM packages depending on your specific needs. For the common case of creating a 3D scene, do:

npm install troika-3d

Additional optional packages can also be installed as needed:

npm install troika-2d
npm install troika-3d-text



The packages related to 3D require three (Three.js) as a peer dependency, which means you will have to declare three as a dependency in your own project.

npm install --save three

The allowed version range for three is open-ended, so you should be able to use any relatively recent version without issues. However, Three.js releases do often contain breaking changes which may introduce incompatibilities in the future. While we try to test against recent three versions on a regular basis, some of these may slip by our notice; if you find one, please open an issue for us.


Assuming you want to use the React component wrappers (Canvas3D etc.), you'll also need to add react and react-dom to your project's dependencies if not already there:

npm install --save react react-dom

You don't need to do this if you're using Troika without the React wrappers (impressive!) or are just using some of its utilities.


You should now be able to import from troika-3d as needed...

as ES2015 modules

import {Canvas3D, Object3DFacade} from 'troika-3d'

as CommonJS modules

const {Canvas3D, Object3DFacade} = require('troika-3d')

as globals

If you are not using a module-aware build pipeline, Troika's UMD bundles expose globals you can use instead; you'll need to include the proper dependencies manually.

Note: This usage pattern is not well tested; please report bugs with it.

var Canvas3D = troika_3d.Canvas3D;
var Object3DFacade = troika_3d.Object3DFacade;

Source Code Checkout

If you want to work with the source code or run the examples locally, clone it from the GitHub repository:

git clone
cd troika
npm install

Last update: 2022-03-06